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Rapunzel on Flickr.

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Attraction Spotlight: Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Tokyo Disneyland

Did you know? That at Tokyo Disneyland the ride Poohs Hunny Hunt features the  achievement of being the first trackless dark ride in a Disney park? The technology used throughout the ride is known as LPS (Local Positing System). Which eliminates the need for a track by giving each Hunny pot guidance through a master computer that directs it along the attraction. This process allows the ride to be different each time you ride it. For example you may stay in a room a bit longer, or start to spin randomly at a scene, every time you experience the attraction its sure to be different. I can only hope one day we will receive an attraction as sophisticated like this in the states.

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 Spring Sprite

➥ The Firebird suite (Fantasia 2000)

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(by DisneyPhotoSnapper)

(by DisneyPhotoSnapper)

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the entire book uploaded for your disney pleasure

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When You Wish Upon a Star [ music box version ]

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